Weill Cornell Bone Marrow Transplant Program

Outpatient Program

Transplant Day Hospital Program and Outpatient Transplant

The transition between hospitalization and discharge can be an overwhelming process for you and your caregiver. It is also a crucial time in your recovery process. We want to monitor your blood work carefully, review your complex medication regimen and provide support during this time. Being part of the day hospital program allows this individualized care to happen.

The Day Hospital program is meant for any patient who requires frequent monitoring, medication administration and/or transfusions more than two times a week. They can be followed very closely with a dedicated nurse practitioner and medical team.

Some autologous stem cell transplant patients will receive all their treatment or some of it as an outpatient. They will have to reside in the close vicinity of the hospital and will be seen daily in the Day hospital until recovery. The benefit of completing the transplant process as an outpatient is that you’re able to remain in the comfort of your home.