Weill Cornell Bone Marrow Transplant Program

Transplant Team


The BMT Administrator helps to oversee the BMT program with the leadership of the BMT Medical Director. Daily, the administrator is involved in ensuring that the best quality of care is given to the BMT patients. The administrator manages some of the BMT Staff and is a part of helping to decide how to make the BMT program the best it can be.

BMT Coordinators

The BMT Coordinators are the first people in the team that you will meet along with your physician. The coordinators organize and facilitate your pre-transplant testing, work on finding a suitable donor for you (if needed), assist with financial and insurance issues, and act as your primary point of contact until you are admitted for your transplant. The Outpatient BMT Coordinator helps to schedule your care once discharged from the hospital.

Research Nurse

The research nurse helps to coordinate your transplant testing should you decide to enroll in one of our clinical trials.

Inpatient Nursing Staff

The inpatient nursing staff will be the group that follows through on all of your care plans set forth by the medical team. The nurses help you with your activities of daily living, administer medication, blood draw, and management of your days and nights at the hospital. The inpatient nursing staff are your advocates!

Social Workers

The social workers provide you and your family with support in preparing for your transplant, adjusting to your hospitalization, and they assist with your post-transplant recovery.

Inpatient Physician Assistants

The inpatient Physician Assistants (PA) work very closely with the attending BMT physician in determining the best care plan for you. The PA will examine you daily helping to make decisions on how to best manage your care.


The Clinical Pharmacist works with the BMT team to help decide what treatment options are best for you. The pharmacist makes sure you understand all of the medications you may take during your hospital stay and provides patient education and counseling on any side effects that may occur. The pharmacist is available to answer any medication-related questions you may have during your stay.

Apheresis Nursing Staff

The apheresis nursing staff will perform the stem cell collection procedure that may be a part of your care plan. These nurses are skilled in the field of stem cell collection, and work closely with the Cellular Therapy Lab to ensure that the best stem cell product is collected for you. These nurses also perform the photopheresis procedure that could be a part of your care plan after transplant. Photopheresis helps with managing signs and symptoms of Graft vs Host disease.

Outpatient Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants

Upon discharge from the hospital, you will be scheduled to see your physician and the outpatient Nurse Practitioners (NP), or Physician Assistants (PA). The outpatient NPs and PAs work closely with your physician to manage your transplant care outside of the hospital. They will conduct your physician visit and help determine what treatment, if any, is needed.